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This iPhone Option Prevents Ads From Tracking You On The Internet

With Apple's App Tracking Transparency feature, you can increase your privacy while also putting ad trackers on the run. We've all had the unsettling sensation of a quick moment of online shoe buying turning into weeks of being stalked by adverts for the same footwear on every website you visit, and it's a nightmare to describe. But, on the other hand, the iPhone has a function that may assist you in increasing your online privacy by providing you with the ability to stop ad tracking inside the applications you use.  You now have more control over which applications may follow you on your iPhone and how they do so, thanks to Apple's App Tracking Transparency feature. As a result, Apple's apps (and any other third-party apps) cannot utilize your data for targeted advertisements, share your location data with advertisers, or share your advertising ID or any other identifiers with third parties unless you grant them specific permission to monitor you (this includes App

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