Five Ways You're Destroying Your High-Priced Gadgets

Count how many times you've dropped and destroyed your smartphone. Being unable to stop it from falling to the earth is a horrible sensation. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. I installed a tempered glass screen protector on my phone some years ago. The most significant thing is that if you drop your phone and the glass is scratched, you can remove the cover, and your phone will be as good as new again. Here's a link to the ESR brand, which I've been using for years. Our gadgets represent significant financial investments. If you want to get your money's worth out of your technology, you must take good care of it. Regular maintenance is one method of staying one step ahead of the competition. Click or tap on the images below to learn about six preventative maintenance tasks you can do now to avoid a costly repair charge later.

Calls to my show, emails to my show, and queries submitted on my website's tech help forum have led me to identify five typical errors that might cost you money.

1.  You're Overcharging for your Services

What percentage of the time do you leave your phone plugged in? Apple has reported that battery health may be compromised when your iPhone "remain(s) at full charge for extended periods." The same can be said about Android sharing phone makers, including Samsung. "Do not keep your phone plugged into a charger for extended periods overnight." According to Huawei, "keeping your battery level as near to the center (30 percent to 70 percent) as feasible may significantly extend the battery life." Maintaining a charged phone – but not wholly charged – is the official recommendation. Make it a practice to disconnect your electronic devices when they have been ultimately set.

2.  You take an Excessive Amount of Time to Charge your laptop

Laptop batteries have a limited number of charge-discharge cycles they may be used. If you let your battery drain entirely regularly, it will harm the charge-discharge process and shorten its intended lifetime. Another method your laptop battery's performance might deteriorate is via overuse. Consider the following scenario: you change your laptop regularly from 30 percent to 50 percent, or around 20 percent. If you repeat this process five times, you will have finished one battery cycle, which means you will have fully charged your laptop from start to finish. A decent rule of thumb is to keep your battery charged to at least 40% of its maximum capacity for most of the day. Check the health of your laptop's battery by tapping or clicking here.

3.  You choose the Cheapest Option Available

Resist the temptation to purchase the most inexpensive replacement if you lose your charging cable, or a USB cable becomes frayed. The few bucks you save by using a low-cost equivalent will almost certainly have a detrimental impact on the functioning of your gadget. Charging and cable manufacturers that provide a one-size-fits-all product do not want you to realize that their products often do not have the necessary voltage required to function with your unique device. As a result, it is possible that your battery will not get the amount of energy it needs to charge appropriately. Even worse, it has the potential to shorten the battery's life. Chargers that are too cheap might be hazardous to your health as well. Many generic phone chargers are less likely than their name-brand equivalents to fulfill recognized safety and quality testing criteria, which might result in severe shocks and burns to the user's skin. If possible, spend a little extra money to buy a new charger and cable from the device's manufacturer or a trusted third-party manufacturer.

4.  You're being Irresponsible

Today's smartphones are built to be quite durable. They are typically resistant to water, dust, and a tiny amount of moisture. However, leaving your equipment in a hot vehicle or exposed to the sun might result in catastrophic injury. The battery may leak or overheat as a result, and data may be lost or distorted due to the incident. Extreme cold temperatures might also be detrimental to your phone's performance. Because lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to freezing temperatures, they may cease discharging power. This can result in shorter battery life, display difficulties, and even shattering of the display glass.

5.  You're a Slob

Is your computer or other electronic device sparkling clean or caked in crumbs and smudges? It's not just about keeping things clean, however. Dust and filth can cause significant damage to computers and other costly electrical devices. So here are some of the essential pieces of equipment I have on hand to keep my gadgets in good working order:

Compressed air: This is particularly beneficial for cleaning in cramped spaces or hard-to-reach cracks and corners. If you're not a fan of the trash produced by ordinary compressed air, consider using an electric air duster.

Isopropyl alcohol: Do not use home cleaning agents on your electronic gadgets, including smartphones and tablets. For example, a fair rule of thumb is that it is not ideal for cleaning your computer or electrical devices or equipment if you use it to clean your kitchen.

Wipes for cleaning: If you don't want to deal with the mess with alcohol or water, consider using a cleaning wipe. These are things I purchase regularly.

Bottled water that has been distilled or purified: Mineral stains and patches may be left behind by tap water.

Soft rags and cloths: Avoid using paper towels or tissues that scratch and leave particles behind; instead, choose lint-free alternatives. If you have a textile that is 100 percent cotton, it will also work. Here's an inexpensive bundle of garments that I've bought a couple of times.

Toothbrush: Using a soft toothbrush, you can get into those hard-to-reach places and clean up any sports that require a minor scrape. Then, I can assist you when you're ready to give your computer system a thorough spring cleaning. For my tried-and-true methods for cleaning ports, headphones, keyboards, displays, and printers, tap or click here.



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