Google Tab Maker Allows To Create Your Own New Tab Design

Google has always had a creative streak. Initially, whenever users opened a new tab there would be a wallpaper of their choosing. Users could select their tab design from various options offered by the company.

Now, it's about giving you that same power. You no longer have to settle for one of the millions of new tab page designs available on the Chrome Web Store; you can now create your own! There's also no need for code because Google's new "Tab Maker" lets you construct it visually.

New Tab Maker

By visiting on a desktop computer, users can begin to build out their own “uniquely you” design and once they are done, they will be able to package it as an extension, install it and enjoy! Since it’s an extension, they can also share it with friends and family similar to SMS sharing. Google is also allowing anyone to upload their designs to the Chrome Web Store’s “themes” section using its instructions.

Tab Maker allows you to "Share your thoughts in every new tab" by utilising images, text, or animated GIFs to inspire, educate, or inform. Every new tab represents a fresh opportunity to communicate what's important to you. You'll soon have a highly customizable and enjoyable new tab experience without jumping through all of the coding hoops if you follow the directions below and use the tab "maker" tool on the web.

A few quick use cases for Tab Maker include creating a gallery of galaxies so you can learn something new about space each time you open a new tab, seeing pictures of cats and dogs, getting design inspiration from emerging artists, and getting the latest news and updates from local independent businesses.

Wrapping Up

Be careful to read through the Tab Maker page thoroughly before getting started because it contains various FAQs about the design and implementation of your own designs.



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