Google Pixel 5a Is Expected To Get Major Update This August

Google Pixel 5a Is Expected To Get Major Update This August
Google had us waiting a little longer than expected to introduce the Pixel 4a, and the same appears to be true for the Pixel 5a. Regardless, the Pixel 4a was a huge hit on the market and received a lot of positive feedback. It had an OLED display, dependable performance, an incredible camera, and a $349 price tag. Even in 2021, the phone is still performing admirably.

People are already anticipating the arrival of the Pixel 5a, which will be released shortly. The rumor mill has been churning out one thing after another. Recently, credible sources have revealed that the Google Pixel 5a will have the largest battery ever when compared to its predecessors.

Google Pixel 5a: Brief Overview

The Pixel 4a's most enticing feature was its low pricing. We expect Google to take the same approach with the Pixel 5a, making it as affordable as possible. Google will likely reduce the price even further than 4a, bringing it down to $299. However, due to the further reductions, there will be very few upgrades between 5a and its predecessor.

On February 22, 2021, the first Pixel 5a renders were released. It appears to be quite similar to Pixel 4a at first appearance; in fact, it is nearly identical. The render shows a 6.2-inch screen with a hole-punch cutout, two rear cameras, and a fingerprint sensor on the back. The camera appears to be nearly identical, whereas the phone is primarily plastic with a dull black finish.

Although the rumor mill has yielded few facts about Google's latest initiative, there are few details on which we can speculate. The Pixel 5a render also revealed a few minor specifications, indicating that the phone will have a 6.2-inch OLED display with Full HD+ resolution and a 3.5mm headphone port. According to the rumored specs, the device will be able to carry out functions such as SMS share with ease. That's all we know for now; the rest will have to be left to our imaginations.

Battery Upgrade

In terms of style and specs, the affordable handset is believed to be very similar to the Pixel 4a 5G. We saw CAD-based renders of the phone in February, and now Android Police has revealed photographs of components being sent to repair shops ahead of the launch.

The Pixel 5a will also have a 4,680mAh battery, which is the largest ever in a Pixel phone, according to the source. The Pixel 5a will cost $450 and will be released in August, according to a previous leak. It will be available solely in the United States and Japan.

The Snapdragon 765G SoC that powers the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G is expected to power the gadget. It will reportedly have a 6.4-inch screen and the camera from the Pixel 5. The phone will only be available in black and is IP67 rated.

Summing Up

It remains to be seen whether a larger battery will be enough to secure a place among the top midrange phones in 2021. The Pixel 4a 5G, which operates on the same chip and has a 3,885mAh battery, has a terrific battery life, according to sources, thus the Pixel 5a would be a great gadget for users who value multi-day battery life.


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