Samsung’s Latest One UI 4 Beta Includes Android 12's Stable AOSP Code And More

Samsung is one of those few companies that does not stay stagnant, it is constantly developing the next latest product to provide users with the most innovative gadgets. The South Korean company recently launched its third variant of the Galaxy Fold and Flip and the foldable devices have been a major hit. People went as far as calling the devices the future of smartphones.

Recently, the tech giant had been working on a One UI for all its devices. It is an attempt by the company to provide a uniform UI across its devices. While we are not sure when the final version will be released there have been significant updates in the beta version.

Further Details

The development of Android 12 for Samsung devices is progressing. The business has published a third public One UI 4.0 beta that includes the completed AOSP release of Android 12, as well as a new Weather app and other changes. The new updates will make tasks such as iPhone transfer seamless with negligible issues.

The finished AOSP code that Google provided earlier this month is integrated into the third One UI 4 beta, which builds on the Android 12 basis. That doesn't imply it's a stable version, but it's based on what Google considers "final" and what's used on Pixel phones like the Pixel 6 Pro we just reviewed.

Additionally, this upgraded release includes patches for partially translated menus, a fault that allowed the phone to reset after changing the theme, an error where Bixby didn't operate on the lock screen, and other small annoyances. Perhaps the most noticeable visual change is a redesign of the Samsung Weather app, which now more closely matches the company's Android 12-themed widget that was released recently. The new design is much better to look at than the old one, especially now that the advertising has been removed.

Outside of the new Weather app, the only other user-facing change is that Samsung has included the "stretch" over-scroll effect that Google introduced in Android 12, which you'll either despise or forget about. Samsung's approach differs from Google's in that it is more subtle.

Summing Up

Samsung’s One UI 4 beta looks promising up till now. While there have been no major changes up to now, we are observing that the South Korean tech behemoth is taking a page out of Google’s book. Nothing can be said for sure since it is only the beta version and the UI may go through several revisions before the final product is released. Nevertheless, we can be sure that Samsung will deliver a seamless finished product.

There have been no official statements on the release date of the One UI. We are eagerly waiting for more features and upgrades that would improve the overall user experience. In other news, Samsung has released another slew of products at its, ‘Unpacked 2’ event. The company released a Bespoke version of its foldables along with the Samsung Watch 4. The gadgets are aesthetically pleasing, we’ll have to carry out further testing to deliver a final verdict. 



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