Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Could Fix The S Pen Issue That Plagued The S21 Ultra

Samsung has had a fantastic year, with its foldables becoming a worldwide phenomenon and its mid-range smartphones performing admirably. The South Korean manufacturer has had its ups and downs this year, with the Samsung Galaxy S21 not performing so well, but the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold have made a tremendous comeback. Consumers have reacted well to the latest additions to the foldable portfolio, and sales records have been shattered.

It seems the company’s main focus at least for now is foldable devices since it did not release the next variant in the Note series. According to reports the South Korean tech giant might scrap the entire series altogether and integrate certain features such as the S Pen into the S series.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Previously, Samsung has passed S Pen compatibility to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which came with a not so appealing stylus storage solution. The tech juggernaut has mostly abandoned the Note series in favor of its new foldable phones, but for those of us who aren't ready to give up S Pen support in a more traditional form factor, the next Galaxy S22 Ultra may have something special in-store. According to reliable sources, the S22 Ultra may include the Note lineup's trademark integrated S Pen holder.

While the Note series is pretty much a goner, a source in Samsung's supply chain reports that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will look similar to the Note20 Ultra and share some of its trademark features, such as the integrated pen holder. The initial few hardware specifications were also obtained by the leaker, including a 19.3:9 screen, which would match the Note20's ratio. It will also carry out functions such as iOS transfers without any hassle. The phone should also include a 5,000mAh battery, according to the source.

Summing Up

In the case that the Galaxy S22 Ultra does have a pen holder, it'll almost certainly come with an S Pen right out of the box. One of the greatest complaints from Note series fans was the Galaxy S21 Ultra's lack of an integrated pen holder and the fact that the stylus had to be purchased separately. If Samsung follows its usual S series release timetable of February/March, it will be a long time before we find out if this rumor is accurate. In any case, we shall have to wait a while to get out hands on this so-called merger of the Galaxy Note and S series.



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