Apple's App Store Now Allows Users To Rate Their Apps

Apple has come under fire on several fronts, particularly with the unveiling of the much-anticipated iPhone 13. The majority of customers found the handset to be lackluster owing to the little enhancements; some even claimed it was a downgrade from the iPhone 12. However, the Silicon Valley-based company has now updated the Apple App Store. Due to the recent updates, users can now rate the company’s applications present on the Apple App Store.

Apple’s App Store

Previously users could re-download Apple's in-house apps, but they could not submit App Store reviews for them as they do for third-party apps. Apple, on the other hand, is now treating its apps as equals. Notes from credible sources indicate that Apple has quietly enabled ratings and reviews for its applications on the App Store. Users now have the option of applauding changes to Maps or take out their frustrations with Safari.

When compared to similar third-party programs that have been active for years, such as Gmail or Google Maps, the number of ratings is quite low. However, it is not surprising to see that the ratings are low. As of now, Apple Podcasts has a two-star rating, while Apple News has a 2.3-star rating. With a three-star rating, Maps has only partially repaired its early reputation. Some users, like with third-party applications, are utilizing ratings and reviews to complain about technical flaws rather than design.

Summing Up

The shift gives Apple's apps a more level playing field, and it may even aid the corporation in detecting and responding to criticism. It could also see as another method to boost the App Store's public image.

Meanwhile, Apple is under criticism after a security researcher identified a slew of zero-day flaws in iOS 15. This is a miscalculation on Apple's side, as any content shared without the user's agreement is a serious violation of their privacy. Given that the tech giant has been at the vanguard of the data rights movement, particularly since the launch of its App Tracking Transparency feature, the shortcomings come as a surprise. We urgently urge Apple to implement robust data and privacy protections for its customers.



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