Google Pixel 3 Owners Have Lodged A Complaint

Google’s Pixel lineup is an excellent mid-range option for those who want a flagship phone under a tight budget. The tech company constantly updates its Android devices to ensure that the users have the most seamless experience possible, however, there seems to be a serious issue with the Google Pixel 3.

A growing number of Pixel 3 users are experiencing a glitch that might render their devices worthless. According to sources, a rising number of Pixel 3 and 3 XL customers are reporting their phones 'bricking' which means they are becoming totally unresponsive with little to no notice on Google's IssueTracker, the company's support forums, and Reddit.

Further Details

The Google Pixel 3 devices enter Qualcomm's "Emergency Download mode" (EDL), which prevents you from updating new firmware using standard means - you can't even access the bootloader to try.

It's unclear what's causing the problem, how widespread it is, or whether there's a workaround other than replacing the phone. Although there isn't enough data to definitely point to a physical problem, a trustworthy source speculates about the likelihood of a hardware issue similar to LG's boot looping. Meanwhile, as of now, Google has not commented on the situation.

Bricking rumors aren't good news for Pixel 3 users in any case. Many of those phones are either out of warranty or nearing the end of their warranty period. Users may have no choice but to pay for repairs or new equipment. However, Google did extend some Pixel 4 warranties to address known concerns, so there's a potential the company will do the same here and offer free fixes.

In Other News

A notification vulnerability  was detected early in the Android 12 beta version while it will be probably be fixed by Google, it's unclear if this will happen in an Android 12 Beta 4.1 update or when the Release version arrives "in the weeks ahead." Despite the fact that this is the final beta, there are still some usability difficulties.

However, it is worth noting that the Android 12 will make chores like SMS Share much easier. Because it allows users to personalize and alter their devices, this set of features implies that Google is striving to improve the usability of its operating system. We'll have to wait a little longer to find out which features make the final "finished" edition.

Furthermore, it appears that Google agrees with Apple's privacy policies, which have been a source of contention since their inception. Many of these qualities' specifics are unknown, and the majority of them are merely guesses. To see how accurate our leak-based assumptions were, we'll have to wait for the build.


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