When Will Apple’s iOS 15 Be Available To The General Public?

Apple has been working on the latest OS update, the iOS 15 for quite some time. The leaks have revealed some fascinating impending improvements, like modifications to incoming notifications and lock screens. According to reports, iOS 15 will include some interesting tweaks to alerts and the iPhone's lock screen. In addition, there have been rumors that a food-tracking Health app is in the works. Minor adjustments to the Dark Mode UI are also possible.

After Apple's September event, the major iOS releases are usually released. While it hasn't been stated publically this year, we can look back over the last several years to get a good estimate of when it'll happen.

When can we expect the iOS 15 update?

In recent years, Apple has published iOS approximately a week after its September event, but in 2020, it changed things up by releasing iOS 14 just one day after the Time Flies event. If Apple continues to host its event in the second full week of September and then publishes the new software the next day, iOS 15 may be released as early as September 15.

However, if Apple delays its presentation until later in the month or does not release the new OS the day after the event, the main iOS upgrade for this year could arrive later in September. Apple is also expected to release iOS 14.8 before its September presentation.

While no official date has been released as of it yet. We might not have to wait long for the new OS version to be unveiled.

Features to Look Forward Too

The new iOS 15 release includes several new features aimed at improving the overall user experience. The upgrade is currently in beta, and no firm release date has been announced. Users may now link their AirPods to their Apple ID as part of the Find My Network feature, due to the recent iOS 15 update.

Apple has updated iOS 15 to include several new AirPods capabilities, including Conversation Boost for AirPods Pro and full Find My support for the first time. While Apple has said that customers will be able to use Precision Finding to locate lost AirPods, iOS 15 will also link AirPods to your Apple ID, allowing you to easily find them anywhere.

If users lose their AirPods, this feature will help them find them. To determine their whereabouts, iOS 15 will use Bluetooth technology, similar to AirTags. This feature will operate with both the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max and will display your AirPods' current location on a map even if they aren't connected to your iPhone or iPad.

Wrapping Up

This new feature is a definite keeper. It's a fantastic tool for folks who frequently misplace their AirPods. The iOS version appears to be the best so far from the Silicon Valley tech giant, as it includes a bevy of new capabilities that will help with iOS transfers and improve the overall user experience.

We will have and see which features are kept in the final version and which are discarded. 


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