How To Preserve Your Phone’s Battery’s Life

In this tech-forward, we are heavily dependent on our phones even for the most mundane tasks. Finding a route, making calls, sending texts, listening to music, watching movies, or even ordering groceries can now be managed by our devices with just a few clicks.

The increase of dependence on these devices means that they need to be charged and running almost at all times. Additionally, your smartphone might be a lifeline in an emergency, which is why it's so important to keep it functioning as long as possible.

Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Battery

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, try these methods to get more out of your device:

  • Dimming your smartphone screen is one of the quickest ways to save battery life. Swipe down from the top of both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones to access display brightness controls.
  • If you think your device may cop out any time soon and you have a charged laptop then a charging device may come in handy. Simply turn on your PC and connect your phone via USB cable to give your device a boost.
  • Some apps may consume battery life by running in the background. On iPhones, go to Settings, General, then Background App Refresh to change this. You can then disable that feature for certain apps or all apps. On Samsung devices, go to settings to delete or disable battery-draining apps.
  • Use power-saving modes. Low Power Mode on the iPhone disables or limits the number of capabilities, such as email fetch and automated downloads, in order to save battery life. You can utilize Power Saving Mode on Galaxy phones to reduce the performance of your phone and close any unused apps. It's also possible to set Power Saving Mode to turn on automatically.
  • A device's battery life might be depleted if it receives too many alerts. You can turn off notifications for the apps you don't need right now in your smartphone's settings.

The aforementioned tips are a foolproof way to preserve your battery life. The ideal way to ensure that your phone is always running is to carry a battery pack. In the case of heavy usage, you may run out of battery faster thus it is always safer to be prepared.

In Other News

There seems to be a trend on the rise. The number of utility apps has been increasing greatly among them the most recurring is phone clone applications. Manually transferring data from one device to another can be quite arduous and the risk of losing data is high hence it is better to use a seamless, trustworthy application to assist you. Now you can find numerous applications on the Google PlayStore for preserving battery life as well. The trend can be credited to the pandemic which has confined people to their homes which has resulted in greater dependence on applications. We will have to wait and see if this spike in usage of such transfer apps will further increase or is it just a temporary fad.  


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