iPhone SE: New Classic Design With Premium Features

Apple has finally updated the much anticipated iPhone SE. While there has been no name change most people refer to the updated device as iPhone SE (2020) or iPhone SE 2. This article will deal with all the rumors, speculations, and leaks about the most affordable iPhone by the Silicon Valley-based tech giant.


The iPhone SE is based on the body of the now-discontinued iPhone 8. According to reliable sources, Apple is planning another SE model with a 4.7-inch LCD, a Home button with Touch ID, and no Face ID. In other words, the next iPhone SE is expected to be built on the shell of the iPhone 8, plus a few additional components.

Apple is also rumored to be working on a new iPhone 11, which will include a 6.1-inch LCD with Face ID. The iPhone 11 would be more than two years old if it were released in 2022, which is consistent with Apple's history of combining existing iPhone bodies and screen technology with new internal components in the iPhone SE.

A 5G Device

The upcoming iPhone SE's main selling point is supposed to be that it is the most inexpensive 5G iPhone ever. With the iPhone 12 mini presently being the least priced 5G iPhone at $699, you may anticipate the iPhone SE to be less costly, however, it may not keep the current iPhone SE's $399 pricing.

The iPhone SE's capability for mmWave 5G, in addition to sub-6GHz frequencies, is unclear. Apple may have to make certain tweaks to the iPhone 8 model to make it compatible with the latest technology.


The iPhone SE has always been equipped with the most modern Apple A-series CPU, which is found in the most recent high-end iPhone models. That means a 3rd-generation iPhone SE released in the spring of 2022 would be powered by the same A15 chipset as the iPhone 13 released later this year. As a result, it will be quick, affordable, and eligible for iOS upgrades for a long period, as was the case with previous iPhone SE models. It can carry out tasks such as phone share with ease.


The iPhone SE 3 is likely to include the same single 12MP wide-angle back camera as the current model, as well as a single front-facing camera when it launches. The current model features a 7MP front-facing camera, which we'd like to see improved to 12MP, but now rumors have surfaced in either direction.

However, flashy new sensors are unlikely to result in significant increases in camera quality. Apple is anticipated to promote the new iPhone SE's enhanced camera quality, although this will mostly be due to the A15's superior visual processing over the A13 in the current 2nd-gen iPhone SE.

Availability and Price

There have been no clear indications of the price of the device.

Regarding the release date, the past two iPhone SE models were introduced in the spring, which corresponds to current rumors about the 3rd-generation model, which predicts its arrival in the first half of 2022. The speculated iPhone SE Plus, based on the iPhone 11 with Face ID, would almost certainly have a $100 price premium (putting it in the $499-599 range) and may be launched in 2022 alongside the next iPhone SE, but some reports claim it won't be until 2023.



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