Huawei’s P50 Flagship: What We Know So Far

Huawei is preparing to launch the latest generation of its flagship P50 series. According to new rumours from a few reliable sources, the first smartphone to launch with Huawei's in-house operating system, which lessens the company's dependency on Android, has an amazing design.

Rumoured Specs

The next premium flagship gadget is rumoured to include a glass back panel, a metal frame with flat edges on the top and bottom, and an overall size of 159 x 73 x 8.6mm, according to Onleaks. A 6.6-inch display with slightly curved corners and a centred hole punch for the selfie camera will also be included.

There is a glass back and a metal frame, both of which are pretty basic. Furthermore, the phone's top and bottom ends are even, and despite the lack of a headphone port, an IR-blaster can be found at the top. The display is said to feature a 6.6-inch panel with gently curved edges and narrow bezels, according to rumours.

Further Details

The P50, Huawei's next flagship phone, will be released on July 29th, according to the company's Weibo and Twitter accounts. Huawei consumer group CEO Richard Yu wrote on his Weibo profile that the phone would usher in “a new era of mobile imaging,” implying that Huawei may once again make cameras the focal point of its forthcoming flagship.

The unveiling comes just over a year after Huawei unveiled the P40 series, but the P50's arrival has been uncertain. The company's capacity to produce its own Kirin chipsets has been severely hampered by US sanctions imposed on national security concerns, casting doubt on its ability to introduce new flagship devices.

Huawei's market share has been lost as a result of these chip problems, as well as penalties that prevent Huawei from preinstalling Google's apps and services on its handsets. In the second quarter of this year, it failed to rank among the top five smartphone manufacturers globally, and Oppo overtook it to become China's most popular smartphone brand in January.

Summing Up

The P50 Pro appears to have the makings of a high-end smartphone. If Huawei's track record is anything to go by, this might be a great gadget that offers more than just aesthetics, so customers should be ready to make the transition. The device seems to adapt to carry out functions such as messages restore.

In other developments, Huawei is embroiled in a legal battle with the United States. The corporation has been compelled to reduce output and take significant steps to avoid further ramifications as a result of the sanctions. It's worth noting that the removal of sanctions by the Biden administration appears to be a foregone conclusion, so the IT giant should prepare for the consequences.


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