WhatsApp VoIP Calls Can Now Be Made From Selected Feature Devices

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. However, due to the new privacy policy, it has recently been at the heart of controversy and has attracted significant opposition. The update was previously delayed due to public uproar, but it has now been released.

To keep users after a large number of them switched to Telegram and Signal as a result of the reaction, WhatsApp has been offering feature after feature. Now WhatsApp has teamed up with  KaiOS team for an exciting new update.

Further Details

WhatsApp is available on smartphones and computers, but it has also been available for several years on the KaiOS feature phone platform. As a result, if you want to utilize the service, you don't need to spend a lot of money on a smartphone.

WhatsApp and the KaiOS team have now revealed that WhatsApp voice calls will be available on the platform as well. The feature is part of an update to WhatsApp on KaiOS, version 2.2110.41, which is available worldwide.

The following statement was released by WhatsApp COO Matt Idema  at the announcement, “We want to support communities who are on lighter operating systems in many places around the world,” 

Furthermore, other than the required app version, the only need for WhatsApp audio calls on KaiOS is 512MB of RAM. As a result, devices like India's JioPhone should be able to handle it just fine. Unfortunately, some KaiOS devices, such as the $17 MTN Smart S we reviewed a few years back, fall short of this need.

Summing Up

Nonetheless, this is a significant development because it reduces the entrance hurdle for WhatsApp calls from smartphones to far less expensive feature phones which at times cannot even carry out simple tasks such as SMS backup. To make and receive calls via the messaging app, feature phone users only require a little amount of mobile data or a Wi-Fi hotspot.


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