Realme C20, C21, C25: A Buyers Guide

Recently, Realme has unveiled three new smartphones in India: the Realme C20, Realme C21, and Realme C25. The Company had previously launched all of these smartphones worldwide earlier this year. The water drop-style display notch is flanked by the company's three smartphones, giving them a classy appearance. Even though the Realme C20 only has a single rear camera, the company's other two phones have triple rear cameras. The new Realme C25 comes with the most powerful battery, a 6000mAh capacity, while the other two smartphones have a 5000mAh capacity.

Price in India

The Realme C20 costs Rs.6, 999 for the 2GB RAM+32GB storage version. Nonetheless, to encourage users to purchase the phone, the company has announced that the first million customers will receive an Rs. 200 discount and will only need to pay Rs. 6,799. The 3GB RAM+32GB storage alternative of the Realme C21 costs Rs. 7,999, while the 4GB RAM+64GB storage variant costs Rs. 8,999. Their most renowned and improved smartphone, the Realme C25 is priced at Rs. 9,999 for the 4GB RAM+ 64GB storage variant, and Rs. 10,999 for the upgraded version with 4GB RAM+128 GB storage.


The Realme C20 smartphone model will be one of Realme’s first new line-ups that will be available in India on April 13 at noon Realme C21 and Realme C25, on the other hand, will go on sale a few days later. Furthermore, customers will be able to purchase the Realme C21 phone on April 14, while the Realme C25 will be available on April 16. The Realme C20, C21, and C25 will be available exclusively on the websites Flipkart plus Realme’s official site.  

Phone specifications:

The Realme C20 and their other phones in this new line-up are all convenient for customers regarding the fact they all have the capacity of Nano Dual-Sims and also these phones run on the improved software Android 10 with Realme’s UI. The Realme C20, C21, and C25 have the same screen display which is 6.5 inches with has a fantastic HD+ IPS display(720×1600), the screen aspect ratio is 20:9 which is quite remarkable for a phone for this price. Along with these amazing new features, a new triple rear camera has been introduced in the C21 and C25 has been built in, which has a 13-megapixel primary sensor with an f/1.8 lens, a megapixels macro shooter, and another monochrome sensor with an f/2.4 lens which can capture stunning photos. The Realme C25 is the most expensive phone out of the bunch for several reasons, one can be that it has a 1000mAh more battery than the other two models( C20 and C21).


All three devices are ideal for budget buyers that want a reasonably priced device bit with premium features. Realme’s flagship devices are perfect for moderate usage such as getting rid of duplicate videos. The phones will for sure attract a horde of consumers. These are one of the top devices launched by the company. 


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