The New iPhone iOS 14.5 Feature Will Protect Users From Stalking

The new iPhone iOS 14.5 feature will protect users from stalking
Apple has been coming up with impressive features in the latest iOS versions. While most people are fixated on the App Tracking Transparency update, there is plenty more to be impressed by. The recent features will hopefully change the way we use our devices and make them more secure as well. 

New Feature Spotted in iOS 14.5 Beta

This new feature was revealed in the iOS 14.5 beta, the update comes at a time when Apple is hoping to expand Find My App’s usage with third-party accessories. As of now, the feature is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac devices.

A setting named, “Item Safety Alerts”, seems to be an attempt to prevent stalking with AirTags. Benjamin Mayo, an iOS developer and Apple blogger further explains the feature, "The setting is on by default which makes sense, but the fact you can turn it off at all probably means that this fires false positive alerts in some circumstances."

iOS device owners who do not enable the setting will be vulnerable since that the owner of an unknown item will be able to see their location and that they will no longer receive notifications when an unknown item is found moving with them. The feature has not been officially released; however, AirTags have been rumored to be in development by Apple since at least April 2019. In a report by Mac Rumors, it was revealed that the AirTags, codenamed “B389”, are small keychain-sized devices that could be attached to everyday items. Initially, the AirTags were to be released with iOS 13.

If an item with an AirTag attached is misplaced, Apple owners could place the tag in “Lost Mode”.  After that when another iPhone user comes across the lost item, they will be able to retrieve contact information about the owner.

Apple’s AirTags once released will be rivaled by Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag and Tile's upcoming ultrawideband tracker, according to The Verge. 

The Bottom Line

While the AirTags will be a helpful feature since users will be able to retrieve their phones much easier. However, Tiles have been known to be used for talking hence controlling that will be a struggle and a side effect of enabling the feature. Meanwhile, Apple came out victorious in the antitrust lawsuit initiated by Facebook. The entire debacle was due to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Feature which limits data sharing. The feature is an attempt by Apple to ensure their user data is secured and their privacy is well protected. 




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