The Huawei Ban

The Huawei Ban
The Huawei Ban

Huawei is this Goliath Chinese company. It ranks second, right after Samsung, as a smartphone manufacturer. As big a company as it is, it is heavily rumored to be associated with the Chinese government, and the U.S have never been able to trust Huawei for not spying on them. 

Huawei also has a number of cases and allegations against it by big companies like Apple and Motorola. These largely include allegations for stealing. 

Here we get an idea that Huawei is not a very honest company in itself. It is even rumored that Huawei praises employees who could steal information from other companies somehow. That's some great heights it has went on to eliminate competition. 

So, we kind of get an idea that, somehow, what the U.S government did to Huawei could be very much justifiable. 

However Huawei hasn't done something specific recently to get banned. It's just all the things building up against it for the past decade. 

The ban stops any U.S based company from doing business with Huawei. This majorly includes Microsoft, Intel , Qualcomm and Google. The last one being the greatest blow to Huawei as it won't be getting the Android OS, google play services and all the related stuff from google. 

This could largely drop Huawei sales in the smartphone market. But apparently that's not it, fortunately for Huawei fans, there has been news that Huawei knew something like this would happen to them and had been preparing its own operating system that would support android apps. 

This could backup the smartphone market, but I personally doubt that it would keep sales from dropping, plus there's no guarantee that the new OS won't struggle in the market or that it would compete with and beat the Android OS, or at least be at par.

That was one aspect of the ban. Huawei also makes laptops. It's not gonna be affected much by Intel and Qualcomm as it also makes its own processors, it could just make more to keep up. But Microsoft, that again is a pretty rough blow to Huawei, but again maybe it's generating its own OS for for computers as well, But it would again face the same problems. 

So, overall things are pretty uncertain as of right now. But as Huawei has been rumored to be working with the Chinese government. It could use the government's help to somehow pressurize the U.S government to raise the ban. 

The Chinese government could do that by banning the Chinese firms from doing business with the U.S based companies. 

That would be blow for a blow as most of the devices designed by the American companies are manufactured in China, it could be very unprofitable if China does that, but it would also affect the Chinese factories and firms. 

So, again, there is just uncertainty right now.

Many people might be asking this question right now, that what would happen to their Huawei or Honor phones. 

Your phones would not get any further Android updates and Google Play services would stop working on your phones. This would obviously be the case world wide, it's unfortunate, but what can we do. 

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