Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation

Usage of and innovations in wireless communications have dramatically increased over the last couple of decades. 

Life has become unimaginable without this technology as a majority of our days' jobs require the use of mobile phones, also the ease of life it provides. But it also has a not so bright side. 

There are a lot of proven issues with mobile phones, major ones being over usage, addiction and eventually restlessness, lack of sleep and reduced productivity in individuals. 

One debated and uncertain issue is the radiation emitted by phones.
Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation
Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation 
Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation, which is in the microwave range pf frequency(450-3800 MHz). 

A large number of researches and studies have been done over the last decade on this topic. None of these have come to a conclusion that mobile phone radiation poses potential health risk. 

Also, no increase has been observed in any health diseases with the increase in cellphone usage. 

Though, this radiation can adversely affect health if its concentration is high enough. The principle on which the microwave oven works is to concentrate microwave radiation(same radiation used by mobile phones), concentrating this radiation produces heat. So, the way cellphone radiation could affect us is by burning us. 

But we don't need to worry about it as a limit has been set for cellphone companies, which is way less than what could be harmful, so we're safe there.

I would still suggest to use cellphones as less as possible, because this radiation thing is still an ongoing uncertainty and caution is always better in case of an uncertainty. Plus phone addiction is still not a good thing and can have other harmful effects.

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